Diva Dolorosa

Director: Peter Delpeut

Film Info

  • Year: 1999
  • Film Format: DVD
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Runtime: 70
  • Tinted B&W
  • Language: Silent
  • Subtitles: English intertitles
In this mesmerizing collage of silent Italian melodrama, found-footage filmmaker Peter Delpeut (Lyrical Nitrate) affectionately captures the spirit of the World War One-era cinema diva. In all-but-lost gems such as La donna nuda(1914), and Tigre reale (1916), superstars such as Lyda Borelli and Pina Menichelli portrayed heroines teetering dangerously between defiant indulgence in sexual passion and hysterical remorse at their own cruelties. Delpeut’s inventive celebration of Black Romanticism is both striking and heartbreaking in its composition—a beautifully woven narrative of tempted fate and self-torment, elegantly guided by Loek Dikker’s original score. Zeitgeist Films is proud to present Delpeut’s stunningly experimental work in all its heaving bosomed, luridly tinted glory.

Peter Delpeut

Born in 1956, Peter Delpeut studied at the Dutch Film Academy. He worked as an editor for film magazine Skrien from 1982-1988, and was programmer and deputy-director of the Netherlands Filmmuseum from 1988-1995. He was in charge of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival workshop in 2003 and was Artist in Residence of the Dutch Film Academy from 2004-2005.

Written and Directed by Peter Delpeut
Produced by Frank Roumen for the Filmmuseum (Netherlands), a co-production with the VPRO, in cooperation with the Cinateca del Comune di Bologna
Edited by Menno Boerema
Music and Musical Supervision Loek Dikker
Performed by Het Radio Symfonie Orkest
Conducted by Ed Spanjaard

DIVA DOLOROSA contains excerpts from
La donna nuda (1914)
Il fuoco (1915)
Het comomeer (1914)
Sangue bleu (1914)
Fior di male (1915)
Tigre reale (1916)
Il processo Clemanceau (1917)
Rapsodia satanica (1917)
Malombra (1917)
Carnavalesca (1918)
Caino (1918)
La piovra (1919)
La storia di una donna (1920)
Maman poupée (1920)