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Film Info
  • Year: 2003
  • Film Format: 35mm
  • Origin: France
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Runtime: 102 mins
  • Color
  • Sound Format: Dolby SRD
  • Language: French, Russian and Georgian
  • Subtitles: English

Winner of the prestigious Critics' Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and featuring a trio of stunning performances, Julie Bertuccelli's exquisite SINCE OTAR LEFT is a bittersweet tale of deception and affection.

Three Georgian women, strong-willed matriarch Eka (90-year-old former dental assistant and fledgling star Esther Gorintin), her long-suffering daughter Marina (Nino Khomassouridze) and rebellious granddaughter Ada (Freeze, Die, Come to Life's Dinara Droukarova), all live together in their stately-yet-crumbling apartment in contemporary Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic. Eka pines for her beloved son Otar, a physician who is now a construction worker in Paris. Marina is deeply resentful of her mother's obsession with her absent brother, while Ada endures their bickering and yearns for a more adventurous existence. When a friend of Otar's calls with tragic news, Marina and Ada must make a seemingly impossible choice: Do they keep Eka from learning the truth?

Former assistant director to Bertrand Tavernier and Krzysztof Kieslowski, Bertuccelli deftly spins the delicate threads of familial conflict and maternal love into a bewitching tangle of intergenerational duplicity.

Julie Bertuccelli

Julie Bertuccelli started her film career as an assistant director, working with such internationally acclaimed filmmakers such as Krzysztof Kieslowski, Bertrand Tavernier, Otar Iosseliani, Rithy Panh and Emmanuel Finkiel. She has also directed several highly regarded documentaries. Her feature debut, Since Otar Left, which she wrote and directed, won several major awards including the Grand Prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival International Critcs'€™ Week, and a Cesar Award (French Oscar) for Best First Feature. The Tree is her second feature.


Eka Esther Gorintin
Marina Nino Khomassouridze
Ada Dinara Droukarova
Tenguiz Temour Kalandadze
Roussiko Roussoudan Bolkvadze
Alexo Sacha Sarichvili
Niko Douta Skhirtladze
Dora Mzia Eristavi

Neighbour (Mika) Zoura Natroshvili
Cardiologist Nodar Mdzinarishvili
First Businessman Jacques Fleury
First Postwoman Manon Abashidze
University Professor Irina Tukhulova
Father Alexi Iago Demetrashvili
Photographer Vaja Djalagania
Flight Attendant Sarah Chaumette
Dora?s Son Misha Eristavi
Official Alexandre Makharoblishvili
Factory Manager Misha Mujiri
Second Businessman Frédéric Payen
Second Postwoman Manana Taralashvili
Neighbor Woman Medea Roinshvili
Otar (in photograph) Gocha Darbaidze
Cab Driver Malanime Sissokho

Directed by Julie Bertuccelli
Screenplay by Julie Bertuccelli and Bernard Renucci
Adapted by Roger Bohbot
Cinematography Christophe Pollock
Sound Henri Morelle
Picture Edit Emmanuelle Castro
Sound Edit Olivier Goinard
Sound Mix Thomas Gauder
1st AD Gabrièle Roux
Continuity Els Rastelli
Executive Producer Yaël Fogiel
Casting Stéphane Batut
Production Design Emmanuel de Chauvigny
Make-up & Hair Mzia Kentchiachvili
Costumes Nathalie Raoul
Production Management Mat Troi Day
Production Yaël Fogiel
Associate Producer Laetitia Gonzalez
Co-producer, Belgium Diana Elbaum
Line Producer, Georgia Jana Sardlichvili

A Franco-Belgian co-production by Les Films du Poisson
with ARTE France Cinema ­ Entre Chien et Loup ­ Studio 99
with the participation of Canal +, with the support of the French National Film Centre, Eurimages, Film Centre of the French-speaking Community of Belgium, Wallon TV Distributors, in collaboration with RTBF (Belgian TV), with the support of Procirep, the Loire Valley Production Centre, the Centre Region?s writers? assistance programme and the Beaumarchais Association. Developed with ACE ­ European Cinema Workshops Music ?Liberté la Nuit?, ?Valse Nostalgique?
by Antoine Duhamel,
performed by the Rosamonde Quartet and Elisabeth Saglier Duhamel on piano, conducted by Leonardo Gasparini and recorded in the Lebanese Church by Igor Kirkwood ?Spiegel im Speigel?, ?Für Alina?
by Arvo Pärt ?Poissons?
by Dato Evgenidze, ?Concert Horoscope?,
Auditorium de Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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