The Quintessential Guy Maddin! [DVD collection]

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The Quintessential Guy Maddin! [DVD collection]

Five films by Guy Maddin

“BIZARRELY TOUCHING, FUNNY, AND LITERALLY FABULOUS! If you’re willing to try some serious travel in the cinematic space-time continuum, hop on board one of Maddin’s starships.”
–David Cronenberg

The Quintessential Guy Maddin! Four-Disc Set boasts five of director Guy Maddin’s most hallucinatory and hilarious fever-dreams. The beloved auteur of Winnipeg, Canada, Maddin has been spinning fantastic tales of obsessive love and grand guignol with the language of cinema’s distant past for more than two decades. Wretched swan feeders, beauty-parlor noir, incestuous psychodramas, ghostly patriarchs, fascist butler academies, midnight-summer fantasia and hyperbolic Soviet montage are all part and parcel of the delirious cracked-glass, scratched-frame universe of this visionary filmmaker.

Disc One! Careful (1992, 100 min, Remastered and Repressed Edition)
Disc Two! Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (1997, 90 min) + Archangel (1990, 83 min)
Disc Three! Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2003, 75 min)
Disc Four! Cowards Bend the Knee (2004, 64 min)

- Five feature audio commentaries with Maddin & crew
- A 60-minute documentary on Maddin’s early career, narrated by Tom Waits
- Six shorts, including Odilon Redon (1995) and The Heart of the World (2000)
- Production design collages and storyboards
- Three behind-the-scenes featurettes
- Radio interviews
- “Imagined” audition reels
- Vintage photos from Maddin’s personal collection
- and five collectible postcards of original poster art!

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