Calendar [DVD]

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Calendar [DVD]

A film by Atom Egoyan

With this beautiful and evocative film set in Armenia and Canada, Atom Egoyan (Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter) filtered his abiding obsessions into the most compact form he's yet achieved. Egoyan himself stars as a photographer sent to Armenia to document historic churches for a calendar commission. He takes along his wife as a translator (played by Egoyan's real-life wife and frequent star Arsinée Khanjian), but their relationship begins to unravel as she becomes more and more drawn to her ethnic roots and to their Armenian guide.

DVD Special Features
- Feature Commentary by Atom Egoyan and Arsinée Khanjian
-"Formulas for Seduction" Documentary
- Church Photo Gallery with Narrative
- Television Interview with Atom Egoyan
- Atom Egoyan Biography and Filmography
- Optional Subtitles

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