What does “Zeitgeist” mean?

The spirit of the time: the ideas prevalent in a period and place, particularly as expressed in literature, philosophy, and religion. [Mid-19th century. From German, literally spirit of the time.]

How can I book a film from Zeitgeist?

For theaters, festivals and educational institutions contact Nancy Gerstman or Emily Russo

Does Zeitgeist read scripts?

No, Zeitgeist is a distribution company, not a production company, so we don’t look at scripts. We only consider completed films.

How can I submit a film for your consideration?

We distribute only five or six films a year, most of which are acquired at film festivals. We do not accept unsolicited DVDs. If you have a finished film which you think would be of interest to us (you should first see the kind of films we distribute by browsing our website) you can send us a short description of your film with a link to a trailer or a website. Email it to Nancy Gerstman or Emily Russo with “ACQUISITIONS” in the subject line. If the description interests us we will contact you to find out how we could see your film. Unfortunately we cannot respond personally to every request.

Does Zeitgeist have any job vacancies?

Sorry. Not at the present time.

Does Zeitgeist offer internships?

Yes, if you are interested in an internship in film distribution (we do not do production), for not less than three months at 20 hours per week, for a stipend or college credit, please e-mail [email protected].

How can I rent films for educational screenings?

Visit our Non-Theatrical and Educational Booking section for ordering information.

How can I buy Zeitgeist’s films on DVD and Blu-ray?

DVDs and Blu-rays on the Zeitgeist Films label can now be purchased from Kino Lorber's webstore.

I have a copy of one of your films on DVD. Can I use it for a public screening?

First you will need to purchase Public Performance Rights. These rights allow the purchasing institution to show the DVD in public on the institution’s premises during the life of the disc. For more information visit our Non-Theatrical Ordering Information section, e-mail us, or call (212) 274-1989. 

Can I purchase posters of your films?

Yes, posters for most of our films are available from Posteritati.

How can I obtain photos, press kits, and ad slicks for promotional use?

Photos, press kits and ad slicks for many of our films can be downloaded in digital format from our website by searching for a film and clicking on PROMOTIONAL.

Posters and postcards are available (to theaters and institutions only) for a small fee from Vision Media Management.

DCP trailers are available from Zeitgeist Films. Email us to place a request.