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Film Info
  • Year: 2017
  • Film Format: DCP, Blu-ray and DVD
  • Origin: USA
  • Runtime: 90 mins
  • Color and B&W

Starlet. Screen Siren. The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. All phrases used to describe 1940’s Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr. Alexandra Dean’s illuminating documentary adds Inventor to the list. Known for her matchless beauty and electric screen persona, Lamarr’s legion of fans never knew she possessed such a beautiful mind. An Austrian Jewish émigré who acted by day and drew mechanical and electronic inventions by night, Lamarr came up with a “secret communication system” to help the Allies to beat the Nazis. Weaving in Lamarr’s own voice from archival recordings, Dean reveals how Lamarr gave her patent to the Navy, received no credit for her contributions, and wound up impoverished in her latter years. Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story is a film for lovers of history, Hollywood and science. 
-Tribeca Film Festival

BOMBSHELL will open in theaters on November 24, 2017.

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BOMBSHELL is a Zeitgeist Films release in association with Kino Lorber. To book this film please contact Nancy Gerstman or Emily Russo or call 212-274-1989.

Alexandra Dean

Alexandra Dean is an Emmy award-winning journalist and producer. She produced news-magazine documentaries for PBS before becoming a series and documentary producer at Bloomberg television producing the series Innovators, Adventures and Pursuits. She also writes about invention for “Businessweek” magazine. Today she is a founding partner at Reframed Pictures.

Written and Directed by
Alexandra Dean

Produced by
Adam Haggiag
Alexandra Dean 
Katherine Drew

Executive Producers
Susan Sarandon
Regina K. Scully
Michael Kantor

Dan Braun
David Koh

Edited by
Alexandra Dean
Penelope Falk
Lindy Jankura

Director of Photography
Buddy Squires, ASC

Music Supervision
Raife Burchell
Karl Westman

Scored by
Jeremy Bullock
Keegan Dewitt

Supervising Producer
Junko Tsunashima

Series Producer
Julie Sacks

A production of Reframed Pictures
and American Masters Pictures
in association with
Submarine Entertainment, Artemis Rising and Dogwoof



Venue City State Date
Pickford Theater Bellingham WA October 27 & 29, 2017
Scottsdale International Film Festival Scottsdale AZ November 2-6, 2017
Nashville Jewish Film Festival Nashville TN November 7, 2017
Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival Philadelphia PA November 11, 2017
Gold Coast International Film Festival Great Neck NY November 13, 2017
Boston Jewish Film Festival West Newton MA November 15-19, 2017
IFC Center New York NY Opens November 24, 2017
JCC of Manhattan New York NY November 25-27, 2017
Wexner Center for the Arts Columbus OH December 1-7, 2017
Washington Jewish Film Festival Washington DC December 5, 2017
Rosendale Theater Rosendale NY December 5-6, 2017
Landmark Nuart Theatre Los Angeles CA December 8-14, 2017
Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival Boca Raton FL December 12, 2017
Living Room Theaters Portland OR January 5-11, 2018
Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit MI January 6-14, 2017
Miami Jewish Film Festival Miami FL January 1, 2018
Northwest Film Forum Seattle WA January 17-21 2018
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival Boynton Beach FL Jan 22-February 9, 2018
San Diego Jewish Film Festival San Diego CA February 7, 2018
Living Room Theaters Boca Raton FL February 9-15, 2018
Naples Jewish Film Festival Naples FL March 4, 2018
Boulder Jewish Film Festival Boulder CO March 8-18, 2018